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Bathroom Amenities are now available!!!

As a part of environmental protection, the main building will set up a bathroom supplies area next to the counter on the 2nd floor from April 1st!!
In response to the needs of many customers, we will prepare a set of skin care products and a shaving foam exclusively for male customers.
It is designed to be collected by customers in need, and to reduce unnecessary waste and waste of plastic bags. We are doing our best to protect the environment.

Bathroom Amenities Area
・makeup remover
・Facial cleanser
・Shave milk
・Hu Houshui
※The contents provided in the bathroom amenities section may be changed in the future.

In-room settings
・Shaving foam
・Bath towel

In the future, we will refer to the needs of customers in many ways and formulate good services for everyone.
Questionnaires will be set up in the guest rooms during your stay. Please send more of your voice to give us the greatest motivation.